Dance Ecology offers movement coaching, somatic movement education, and  Body-Mind-based Latin, Salsa, Ballroom dance training in Spokane and throughout the Inland Northwest.  



Movement coaching and dance education that informs and shifts

  When we have an activity we love - whether yoga, running, sports, being in nature, dance or other artistic endeavors - we strive for a deeper experience.  We can love doing something, and work very hard 'at' it, or do it all the time, but patterns of movement that we use sometimes don't serve us in going to the next level. Or, we may simply benefit from broadening our movement palette in subtle ways, that can shift everything. Expanding our dynamic range can mean better performance, or feeling more integrated or balanced. 

new levels of embodiment

Access a broader suite of movement patterns and dynamics. I offer Somatic Movement Education - a subtle and uniquely personal approach that uses a diverse approach - movement sequences, touch, visualization, language, symbols, and breath that will wake up your senses.  Dance and movement sessions that encourage you to explore more fully your position in space in relation to gravity, others, and in relationship.

I use Laban Movement Analysis and system, Bartenieff Fundamentals, embodied anatomy, and Body-Mind Centering.  I help you discover what level of embodiment you want, and give you a roadmap so you can bring it into your favorite movement or dance practice.   

Movement Philosophy

I integrate somatics or "the lived body" philosophy into my dancing and teaching - whether it is a dance class, movement session, or an ecosomatics project. When it comes to partner dancing, I use an experiential approach - using various dance styles as a palette to explore your personal movement signature.  How you use energy, flow, weight and time is unique. Shifting these can change your level of mastery in your favorite dance or movement practice.  This can unlock creativity, depth, and artistic expression by creating new options in your improvisation, choreographed dance of all different styles, yoga, or experiencs in nature. 


Developing a sense of 'where' you move 'from' in your body is as important as mastering a new skill, or aesthetics.  There are deeper aspects to movement, dance, and even partner dancing than many realize.  Please go to my main website - for more information on my background in Ballroom, as well as my training. 

This page is in-progress - For more background please go to About Mindi or Dance Ecology's page here

ART OF LATIN BALLROOM DANCE - First classes 10/11 and 10/18

BODY-MIND SALSA 101 - First classes start 10/11 and 10/18

Poetry of Space - movement workshop at Coil studio - October 26th 

  Sign-up here - at Coil  Studio downtown Spokane!

Movement Education and Coaching

I offer a variety of classes and coaching - more information coming.  These include:

- Movement workshops on body connectivity/developmental patterns for yoga, dance (any style) and workplaces,   

- Laban Movement and Bartenieff Fundamentals (basics ),   

- Couples dynamics - movement assessment and coaching,   

- Ecosomatics - connect with nature 


Latin, Swing, and Ballroom dance instruction and coaching - I design personalized dance programs tailored to you. Whether you want to learn to dance, build on existing dance knowledge, or just dip your toe into the kinesthetic and life-changing therapeutic benefits of partner dance as a form of exercise and community-building,  I can start you on your path   I design each session based on your needs. I offer one-on-one, small group, large group, and instruction for corporate events.  Other dance services:  social or competitive dance coaching,  partner search/assistance with pairing you with an appropriate dance partner, partnership or couples dance coach, Amateur/Amateur competitive coach, Professional/Amateur competitions. Styles: (Salsa, Bachata, Danzon, Swing, Club Styles, American Rhythm, International Latin, American Smooth).


Commitment and Wedding dance - I offer lesson 2, 5, and 10-lesson packages to help you prepare for that special dance and special day with your loved one. 

Adapted Ballroom and Adapted Tango - Small group or one-on-one lessons in Adapted Tango, a form of dance especially developed (and studied) as a form of exercise beneficial for those with Parkinson's Disease, or PD.  Dance is beneficial for everyone though - so all my Adapted dance classes are great for Seniors and those with PD. 


Starts 10/11. Learn the basics and more for this beautiful style of dance. Class this fall will focus on the artistic and dynamic aspects of the sensual Rumba and the energetic Cha Cha. No partner required! No dance experience required - beginners welcome! We’ll mix it up – learning both with and without partners. Learning how to dance on your own feet is a key part of the artistry and expression of this intricate and passionate style. We’ll use something called ‘embodied anatomy’ in this class as a tool to help you learn. This is a tool you can apply to many other dance or physical activities.  Precedes Body-Mind Salsa - highly suggest taking both for quicker body integration.  $10 per class, preregistration for a minimum of 6 classes per session is required. Send info to register. Contact Mindi for Drop-in ($12).  Fridays, 6:30 – 7:30pm. Woman’s Club, 1428 W. 9th, Spokane, WA  



Learn the basics of Salsa dance, latin rhythms, and how to dance with your own flair in a relaxed atmosphere in the beautiful historic Spokane's Women's Club.  No partner required!  Class is perfect for beginners, or for those who want a refresher. This class will be teach you the basics and keep you smiling. You will learn tidbits about salsa dance styles and music from all over the world. As you learn salsa, you will get the learn some special Body-Mind tips and tricks to help you learn more quickly and lose yourself in the music.  Nice social environment- instructor will arrange outings to go out salsa dancing as a group as part of the class (for those interested).  Instructor highly encourages you to sign up for both this and earlier Latin Ballroom class back to back – you’ll be warmed up and able to soak up the lesson more quickly.  $10 per class, preregistration for a minimum of 6 classes per session is required. Send info to register.   Fridays, 7:30-8:30. Woman’s Club Spokane, 1428 W. 9th, Spokane, WA    


The Poetry of Space -A Movement Workshop  - October 26

Where do you move ?

What do you love about your own movement patterns – do you know why?

What inspires you how you move? 

Do you want to expand your range of movement and understanding or rhythm? 

How do you use movement to relate to self, other people, or nature?

Come check out this mind-expanding workshop on Movement Dynamics. This movement workshop will introduce you to a language of movement that can deepen whatever movement practice you enjoy. We’ll move through essential aspects of dynamics - Space, Time, Weight and Flow with movement sequences and stories. This workshop will expand your movement patterns and perception of movement. No dance experience required! Bring your inner (or outer) movement artist! All you need is a body, a curious mind, and a willingness to skate between subtle and complex movements, and to experiment around some of these questions. Please bring a notebook and wear comfortable, loose clothes.    

  Sign-up here    through Coil studio

Coil - Yoga, Dance and Aerial, 3:30-5pm,  

304 W Pacific Ave #280, Spokane, WA 99201  




Examples of Somatic aspects of partner dance

 When two people share their 'Kinespheres" (sphere of potential human movement coined by Rudolf Laban) and move in sync, something called "rhythmic entrainment' happens. This plus touch stimulates our sensory perceptions. 

Latin dance and polyrhythmic musical elements combine to create new unique dynamics of movement and experiences that emphasize complex contralateral body patterning.

Highly technical aspects of some types of ballroom can be made easier by leveraging kinesthetic empathy and body patterning or basic neurocellular (or developmental) patterns. 

Dance Ecology / MINDI SHEER 

I have danced and trained in many latin styles and ballroom for over 20 years, and my life has been shaped by the power of dance and the passionate movers and kinesthetic learners i have been coached by or shared the floor with.  I am a former competitive Latin dancer and 3-time National Latin Ballroom Champion and Latin Finalist. Latin dance styles (Latin ballroom, American Rhythm), Salsa, Afro-cuban and Flamenco are very close to my heart.  The psychophysical aspects of partner dance and dynamics of competing led me to discover movement therapy and Dance Movement Therapy and somatic movement approaches, which I began studying in 2014. 


I received my Certification in Laban Bartenieff Movement Analysis working with Peggy Hackney and Janice Meaden (Integrated Movement Studies)  and became a Registered Somatic Movement Education with the International Somatic Movement Education and Therapy Association (ISMETA) in 2018.  Alongside my dance life, I am also an ecologist and study aquatic ecosystems and have a B.S. (Biology) and a M.Sc. (in Geography).  I weave together my love of movement, dance, nature and ecology through projects here in the Pacific Northwest, and am looking for artists, dancers, and other scientists to collaborate on projects with. 

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